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The work

One of the most important aspects of being an effective Director of Photography is understanding crew dynamics and how to effectively lead a team. Everything that Clint does is baised on two guiding principles — Vision and Value.

"I believe great production teams will universally have a shared vision and feel valued by both leadership and peers."

When a team sees a greater vision, they can feel the passion set out by the Director. When a team is valued, they will not only value one another creating a heathly working enviorment, but they will go above and beyond when there is a story worth telling. 


Visual Story telling


"I believe that every meaningful image has to originate from the story. No matter if the stoy is selling a product, or inviting an audience to feel. Lighting, framing, and shadows should always have a purpose and a thematic message behind them. Anyone can make an image look good, only story tellers can give that image life.